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    We begin praying for this day long before the day of the event, and it is always a wonderful day on our campus. It is even more exciting to see our students with heads bent in prayer as we take our Lightning Walk of Faith the day of the event.


    The purpose of the Lightning Walk of Faith is to raise Annual Fund dollars which in turn helps support the students and programs of Lanier Christian Academy.  Our goal for this year’s Walk of Faith is $115,000.


    On Monday, September 9th, your students brought home 15 brochures. We invite you to send them to close family, friends, and local area businesses that you patronize as an invitation encouraging others to participate in the vision we have for our graduates. We see LCA graduates impacting this community, state, nation, and world for Christ. We are asking each family to send out at least 15 brochures.  If you don't currently have a student at LCA please contact the office and we are happy to give you brochures to help us out!  This year we have ordered extra brochures, anticipating that we will have amazing participation. We will be challenging our students, faculty, and staff to send out a total of 7,500 brochures this year.


    We have worked diligently to make this day a joy-filled experience for our students. By participating at the various levels, students will not only receive tickets to enjoy at the booths that day on the field, but will also enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they see their work benefiting their school. As a reward for their participation in the event, we have some amazing activities planned for your students.  The incentives will be awarded to students based on the families' level of participation.


    So, I invite you now to begin praying with me for all that will happen on this important day.  Address your brochures to share with area businesses, family, and friends, join us October 11th as our students take their Lightning Walk of Faith, and watch our students on the field enjoy an incredible day. This is why we do what we do- because the children God has entrusted to our care deserve our very best.


    We are excited to see what the Lord does, and we are excited to see you on October 11th!


    LCA is always looking for ways to point our students to Christ.  Inspiring examples such as Brent Danielson is exactly what type of example points our students to obedience and leadership in service for Christ and others.  We are thankful for the Danielson family and the example they are to our LCA family!

    Melissa Danielson writes:  

    "Brent Danielson donated a kidney to his friend, Joe, on Tuesday, September 17. Brent met Joe six years ago when they were coaching youth wrestling. They became very close friends.  Joe had cancer as a child and as result his internal organs were affected. Over the last two years, Joe’s health was starting to decline. Brent was asking God how he could help and he really felt led to donate his kidney, to help his friend. In November of 2018, Brent began testing to see if he was a match for Joe. In March, he found out he was not a match but decided to proceed with the “Peer to Peer” program where he would donate his kidney to someone who was a match and in return, Joe would receive a kidney from another matching donor. On Tuesday, Sept. 17, both donors and both recipients underwent surgery and everyone is recovering well. Our family has been blessed with the support of family and friends and are grateful for God’s  protection and healing during this time."


    Here is a link for more information about the kidney donation process:  https://www.kidney.org/patients/peers


  • Jeans for Jamaica

    A BIG THANK YOU from the Jamaica team to all the students and families that have donated towards our sponsor kids via ACE jeans day!!  Every month we have a Jeans for Jamaica day where students bring a love offering to be able to wear jeans to school.  What is so cool about that it is kids donating to kids!  The past two months we have met all of our sponsor commitments.  It is a blessing to see the smiles on the faces of ACE kids knowing that LCA Students help to be a blessing to them.  Thank you for all you do for this ministry!  Be blessed by some of these smiles below!!

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LCA Athletics


    LCA'S Cross Country Team has been crossing the finish line with huge wins so far this season!  We are so proud of our determined runners!  


    Lightning Football is fighting hard in every game.  They've had some wins and some losses but have played their hearts out at every game.  This week is Homecoming and they will face King's Academy.  The students have introduced "The Storm Zone" fan section.  If you are available,  come out and cheer Lightning Football on to victory. Our Middle School Football Team is also working hard.  They won their home opener game!  We are excited for these boys to develop and grow for our Varsity team in years to come.
  • Golf
    LCA division II-AA all-state golf team. LCA finished 4th out of 6 teams with a score of 411. Anna DeMersseman made the all-state team. Congratulations!!
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