The Lightning Round

Friday November 22, 2019




Following a season of prayer, Al Gainey has announced his planned transition away from the LCA Presidency role beginning January 1, 2020.  This prayerful decision allows Mr. Gainey to focus his energy on development and fundraising, and more specifically, getting LCA to a long-range, permanent campus.  Al will be back doing what he loves, using his God-given gifts and passions for the continued advancement of LCA.  We all recognize Mr. Gainey’s passion for Christian education and are beneficiaries of his vision for bringing North Georgia Christian and Heritage Academy together to create Lanier Christian Academy.  We are abundantly grateful for his service to LCA—both past and future.  LCA is a spiritually, academically, financially, and relationally healthy Christian school!  We appreciate Mr. Gainey and his wife Ann for their consistent leadership and prayers for LCA!  God willing, LCA has an exciting, bright, and BIG future ahead (James 4:13–15).


We are excited to announce the new Head of School for LCA beginning January 6, 2020 will be Mr. Dwayne Daniels!  Mr. Daniels’ credentials and experience are complementary to the HOS role.  He previously served on LCA’s administrative team for five years as Upper School Principal and Director of Facilities and Operations.  Prior to joining LCA, Mr. Daniels worked in school administration for over 20 years.  During this time, he was instrumental in developing a new charter school and carrying out the vision of the school board.  Mr. Daniels conveys a love for God, a love for Christian education, and a love for LCA.


The news was announced to students during an impromptu morning assembly.  Mr. Gainey said to the students that only one other person besides Jesus loves the students more than him and is known for telling students: "God loves and you and I love you too"  From the far hallway of the gym in came Mr. Daniels shouting it!  Students were so excited.  Some even brought to tears.  It is especially exciting for some Seniors,  who have been with Mr. Daniels for years, to have him be the one handing them their LCA Diploma in May as they graduate.


We are excited for the direction that God is taking HIS school.  Please pray for Mr. Daniels as he diligently prays and seeks the Lord for the direction of the school.  Pray for Mr. Gainey as he passes the baton to the capable hands of Mr. Daniels to lead and disciple our students to be kingdom minded, "fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ"







3rd Grade Classes Take Field Trip to William Harris Homestead:


On October 18th the beloved third grade classes of both traditional and university models went on a historical field trip to William Harris Homestead. Mrs. Bourgeois and Mrs. Davidson took their students all the way down to Monroe, Georgia for the class to have fun and learn in a different environment. As student, Chloe Anderson explained, "It was a good field trip!"


The traditional model teacher, Mrs. Bourgeois, explained that William Harris Homestead is "a working farm where we got to experience life like it was in the 1800s."


The group met with a Civil War soldier impersonator who taught the group about the Civil War and how the war affected their everyday lives. The third graders were also shown around the grounds and learned about how the people in the 19th century prepared their food and clothes. They also were taught about how the people grew cotton, but one of the most favored attractions was the hayride! Students Kaity Tow and Chloe Anderson agreed that was their favorite part.


William Harris Homestead was not just an educational field trip, but also a fun one, and one that the second grade class should look forward to next year!


- Haley Vandegrift, 11th grade








Field Trip to See Great Expectations at Bob Jones University


Last week some 8th graders had the privilege of seeing the play Great Expectations at Bob Jones University. The class read the book in English with their teacher, Rebecca Purcell, prior to their trip,   Student Grace Henderson said, "My favorite part was seeing the book acted out almost perfectly."


The students were able to see a re-enactment of the complicated book, which hopefully helped them understand it more. These types of field trips are crucial in today's society where reading is a less favored skill by the younger generation.


Hopefully this experience was exciting and influential for the students, and hopefully similar field trips can be repeated for years to come. 


- Victoria Knight, 10th grade




5th Grade Field Trip to the Creative Discovery Museum


On November 1st, fifth grade teachers Heather Wellborn and Amanda Grundlock took their students to the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The LCA van departed with seven students at 7:00 am, driven by Mrs. Welborn.  With a slight detour to Chick-fil-a, they made their trip in a little over two and a half hours.


Once they arrived, the group received their tour, and instantly things buzzed with excitement. The interactive children’s museum had many things for them to do, including watching a lightning and thunder demonstration, exploding balloons, and multiple experiments.


Mrs. Grundlock said that, “It was nice for the kids to see a science show of experiments that could not be done in a classroom and that could allow students to learn while being kids.”


The museum’s loft area , which had simple machines including huge wheels, levers, and pulleys also brought smiles and was Mrs. Welborn’s highlight of the trip.


Even after returning at 5:30 later in the day, Mrs. Grundlock said that, “The long drive was worth it, and the museum exceeded expectations.” In the end, both teachers agreed that this will be a repeated field trip, as it pertained to their units in science and made learning come alive for the students.


-Ari Winfrey, 10th grade





Beta Club Ceremony


In a short ceremony on November 5th, new Beta Club members were induced. After a short speech by school president, Al Gainey, the Beta Club president, Rebekah Crozier, and vice president, Lexie Overman, shared qualities that a Beta Club member should exemplify.


Senior member AJ Simeone commented on the new inductees, "I like getting new members. Now there are more people to help with our community service projects."


The inductees were introduced by name, received a certificate, and recited the Beta Club pledge for the first time. After the ceremony, friends and family talked over refreshments."


-Sara Sumption, 10th grade




Annual Scholastic Book Fair


The first full week in November is an annual event for LCA when we hosted our Fall Scholastic Book Fair.  Every year the school's Librarian, Mrs. Ruth Ann Knight, takes an entire Sunday to set up the book fair.  Each book fair has it's own theme and this year's theme was Arctic Adventure. Mrs. Knight spends weeks in advance preparing decorations for all to enjoy.  


Scholastic allows every school to earn a chance at splitting the profits by setting a goal that, if reached, provides the school's library with money to purchase Scholastic books.  Students can also sponsor teachers by looking at a book wish-list the teacher prepared and buying books for their classrooms.  This year the school exceeded it's goal to share the profit with Scholastic, leaving the school with another successful year of learning and reading.


- Victoria Knight, 10th grade



Annual Grandparent's Day


 Every year, Lanier Christian Academy hosts the students' grandparents for Grandparent's Day. The day consisted of performances from students in elementary, as well as the high school choir. The performances were followed by a wonderful lunch catered my Longstreet Cafe. The student leadership team was a big help as they directed people to the auditorium, helped with parking, and served during lunch. The day was an amazing success, and the students cannot wait for next year's Grandparent's Day.


-Lily Martin, 10th grade









LCA Lightning Athletics


Our Lanier Lightning Team Spirit is contagious! 

If you haven't joined us at any of our athletic matches, we invite you to come and cheer on our students. 

It's a great opportunity to become part of the LCA Lightning community!    



         Our Winter Sports are in full swing!  We have Basketball, Swimming,







                                                                   November 25-29:  Thanksgiving Break

                                                                   December 20:  Early Release @ 11:30

                                                                   December 23 - January 3:  Christmas Break

                                                                   January 6:  Teacher Workday

                                                                   January 7:  All Students Return     

                                                                   January 20:  No School President's Day