The Lightning Round

Friday October 4, 2019


homecoming wrap up!!


The 2019 Lanier Christian Academy Homecoming Pep Rally took place on Friday, September 20th. This was a fantastic hour-long event where LCA was able came together to celebrate the Fall sports teams and Homecoming Court representatives.


The pep rally began with the introduction of the 2019 LCA Fall sports teams. The first team introduced was the Cross-Country team who have put in hard work which has led to great performances from many runners all season long. Following was the introduction of the Volleyball teams who have amassed several wins over the course of this season thanks to a multitude of great players. Lastly was the introduction of the Middle and High School Football teams who have both put in hard work for many months.


After the introduction of the sports teams was the grand introduction of the 2019 LCA Homecoming Court. Each member of the Homecoming Court walked out on the basketball court and was applauded by the entire school. Following this was the giving of the LCA Spirit Stick by Mrs. Humphrey and the cheerleaders to the grade that showed the most LCA spirit. The final event of the day was a competition between who could do the best face paint job on the cheerleaders. The event then concluded with a word of prayer before everyone was dismissed and allowed to return to their classes.


Article by AJ Simeone, 12th grade


On September 20, LCA held its annual homecoming football game and announced its court representatives. All underclassmen walked out before the game at seven, and all seniors walked at halftime.


The underclassmen consisted of freshmen representatives Annie Bullock and Emma Kate Kalinaskus, sophomore representatives Ellie Danielson and Lily Martin, and junior representatives Rachel Finney and Lexie Robertson. For the senior court, there was a total of 27 senior girls that walked at halftime, knowing that at the end one would be named the queen.


Mrs. Verna Stewart and Mr. Al Gainey walked out to crown the queen.. Macie Taylor was crowned queen for the LCA court of 2019, and students agree that she was an excellent vote for the role. The following day was the homecoming dance, attended by most of the highschool. The theme was “A Night In Paris,” and the room was decorated beautifully to suit the theme.


Article by Lily Martin, 10th grade










walk of faith

 october 11th!



We begin praying for this day long before the day of the event, and it is always a wonderful day on our campus. It is even more exciting to see our students with heads bent in prayer as we take our Lightning Walk of Faith the day of the event.  We are getting closer to the big day!


We have worked diligently to make this day a joy-filled experience for our students. By participating at the various levels, students will not only receive tickets to enjoy at the booths that day on the field, but will also enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they see their work benefiting their school. As a reward for their participation in the event, we have some amazing activities planned for your students.  The incentives will be awarded to students based on the families' level of participation.


Many of our students earned and have already taken part of our annual Walk of Faith Waffle Breakfast.  Enjoy the smiles of our Faculty and Staff that helped make the waffles as well as the children gobbling them up!  There weren't any left.  Perhaps next year we need to count how many waffles are consumed!  It's not too late to get more brochures turned in!  Please remember that if you are addresses them to places of business that you have their proper mailing address rather than their physical address.  Get them turned in before Wednesday Oct 9 and you could still receive a surprise visit from the Candy Cart during the school day!












So, I invite you now to begin praying with us for all that will happen on this important day.  Join us October 11th as our students take their Lightning Walk of Faith, and watch our students on the field enjoy an incredible day. This is why we do what we do- because the children God has entrusted to our care deserve our very best.


We are excited to see what the Lord does, and we are excited to see you on October 11th!





    jessie minassian - focus on the family


Jessie Minassian is an author, speaker and Focus on the Family Associate. Through books, on stage and online, Jessie helps young people understand God’s best for their lives and challenges them to live fully for God. Her latest book is called Family: How to Love Yours (and Help Them Like You Back). We are excited to have Jessie pour into our LCA family, helping us to strengthen our family relationships. Parents and Grandparents, come on out Thursday, October 17 at 7pm in the Main Worship Center.


Jessie will speak to our students on Friday, October 18th  during a special chapel.



truth about vaping event






 Are you concerned about the affects things in culture have on your children?  You are invited to come to this informative event to educate yourself and your children of the dangers involved in this epedemic.














8 Great Smarts by Kathy Koch, PhD



Did you know your child has 8 smart intelligences? Some are stronger than others but all can be strengthened making your child/children empowered to see themselves as successful. Does your child/children tell you they hate a particular subject or just love something? The book tells you how to understand and strengthen that weakness along with how to encourage their strengths without discouraging them. They are revealing to you their intelligences. It tells how each intelligence connects best to God. This book offers an interactive online checklist on their website and the password to access this. Learn how to encourage the strengths God has given them and how to build up their weaknesses. 


By Pandy Thomas




5th Grade spotlight

"Making Cheese"


5th enjoyed seeing a cheese making demonstration by Mr. Mike Welborn. Mr. Mike is the father in law of the 5th Grade TM teacher, Mrs. Welborn. He has many years’ experience making cheese and we were so excited he could come demonstrate this process to the 5th grade. During this demonstration we discussed the detailed scientific process that goes into making cheese from beginning to end. We even got to taste the whey! One of the main focuses of this demonstration was to learn about the different ways bacteria and fungi help in the making of cheese. Cheese is so fascinating and has been around a long time. There is such rich history and scientific wonder in cheese . It was so neat to learn how God has orchestrated his creation to perfectly work together to make even something as unique as cheese! At the end of the demonstration we enjoyed tasting some yummy Mozzarella cheese! We appreciate Mr. Mike giving of his time and talents to help us learn science in such a hands on 








4th Grade readers theater

by:  Haley Vandegrift, 11th grade


This week Mrs. Peplin’s fourth-grade class put on a beautifully done Columbus Reader’s Theater. It took place on in the chapel, and the fourth graders had been preparing for weeks beforehand.

But what is a Readers Theater exactly?

A Readers Theater is when students perform in front of an audience. Every year, she has her class read a book by Pam Conrad called Pedro’s Journal. This book is historical fiction and is centered around a boy who was apart of Christopher Columbus’ journey. After the class finishes this book, they put on a Readers Theater. Mrs. Peplin also states that “It provides an opportunity for students to receive affirmation and praise from their teachers, families, and peers.”

For seven years, Mrs. Peplin has had the great ability to put on a Readers Theater to go along with her unit. She says, “I knew from my master’s class that readers theaters are helpful in building reading skills.” She really pushes her students to reach for the stars, and what better way to teach them than to focus on a story and build off of that? She wants her students to be comfortable, confident public speakers.

The goal of Mrs. Peplin’s Columbus Readers Theater is to show her students that learning can be fun, and it shows them that “there is a reward for practicing and doing their best.” When Mrs. Peplin was asked about what she likes about this unit she responded, "I love how students embrace their roles, learn how to engage with an audience, and learn reading skills in a fun and different way." This fourth-grade class did a great job, and we look forward to seeing Mrs. Peplin’s class next year.








LCA Lightning Athletics


Our Lanier Lightning Team Spirit is contagious! 

If you haven't joined us at any of our athletic matches, we invite you to come and cheer on our students. 

It's a great opportunity to become part of the LCA Lightning community!    






















               October 5:   JV Volleyball @ Oconee Christian                              

                                                                                                                   150 His Way Cir, Seneca, SC 29672


                                                           October 10:   5:30 -7:30 Middle School FB @ Holy Spirit Prep

                                                                                                                   4449 Northside Drive, Atlanta GA


                                                                                 6:00 - 8:00 pm GAPPS Volleyball Regional Tournament                                  

                                                                                                                   14101 Hwy 278, Covington GA 30014


                                                           October 11:   LIGHTNING WALK OF FAITH!                 


                                                                                 7:30 pm Varsity Football @ John Hancock Academy

                                                                                               1100 Linton Road, Sparta GA  31087


                                                           October 12:   9:00 - 11:00 am GAPPS Cross Country MS Championship

                                                                                               2130 Redwine Road, Fayetteville, GA  30215


                                                                                  11:00 am to 12:00 pm GAPPS Volleyball Regional Tournament

                                                                                               14101 Hwy 278, Covington GA 30014