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LCA Online is a customized, branded partnership with a leading Christian, secure, online learning solution.  It is an educational alternative that partners with Christian schools and families worldwide to provide high-quality, Christ-centered education. LCA Online offers more than 100 courses for 6-12th grade and over 200 Dual Credit courses from leading Christian Colleges and Universities. Both staff and instructors desire to glorify Christ, teach students how to process information, and think critically in the context of a Biblical worldview. The courses are rigorous and exceed all national standards and recommendations.


Lanier Christian Academy provides courses through LCA Online in three primary ways:


  • For homeschoolers who are looking to take rigorous online courses taught via a Biblical worldview, these are available for them. The courses include a variety of regular college-prep. honors level, AP courses, and dual enrollment offerings that can be taken as semester courses for 1 or .5 units of credit.


  • Full-time students at Lanier Christian Academy may take one – three courses via LCA Online to meet different learning needs:
    • 1 Course scheduling conflicts – a student may need a certain course that conflicts with the on campus  schedule.  He/she could take the course via LCA Online.
    • 2. Students may want to take a course not offered in the schedule, such as an AP course or specific elective.
    • 3 Students may need to recover credit for a course that he/she did not pass. Most academic courses can be taken in a 10-week credit recovery format so students can get back on track with his/her class


  • Both full-time students and homeschoolers can take Summer School Courses for either credit recovery or advancement in a course content area in order to be able to take more rigorous courses in high school with approval from administration