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Lanier Christian Academy is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) based upon prior accreditations of both Heritage Academy and North Georgia Christian School.


As an ACSI member school, Lanier Christian Academy has sought this accreditation “to validate their quality and verify that they are striving for excellence based on a solid Christian philosophy of education foundation.  Accreditation and school improvement assist member schools in changing for the better in an orderly and systematic way. They bring a vigorous dynamic into the school by engaging every school constituent in a process of organizational appraisal” (


ACSI accreditation provides many benefits to the school and its constituents:

  • It documents that the school is true to its own foundational statements (mission, vision, core values, goals)
  • It affirms that the school meets standards of quality established by the international school community
  • It provides validation of the credibility of the school through a peer review process
  • It promotes accountability to the school community
  • It improves instruction targeting increased student achievement
  • It promotes ongoing instructional improvement through a continuous process of self-assessment and systematic school development
  • It encourages the evaluation of biblical and spiritual integration of the school
  • It transfers credits between schools and between nation's school systems (


Lanier Christian Academy is a fully accredited by both SACS/Advanced ED and ACSI; the university model is certified by UMSI.