Affording Lanier Christian Academy

Affording Lanier Christian Academy

Lanier Christian Academy proudly offers Variable Tuition. Tuition at LCA is not a “One-size-fits all.” It is a range. A range that spans from 50-100% of the full cost of education. Variable Tuition adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s unique financial position. LCA can offer variable tuition because of the Georgia GOAL program. GOAL allows all Georgia taxpayers to redirect their state taxes to be spent at LCA. We take these funds and award them to families that qualify for needs based assistance. 

We begin processing variable tuition applications on March 15th.   Application must be submitted  in order for your variable tuition application to be reviewed. Awards are communicated to applicants within two weeks of application verification.

2022-2023 Tuition Rates Traditional - University Model

Traditional Model

Grade Variable Tuition Range (cost to family)
Kindergarten $ 5,110.00 – 10,220.00*
1st – 5th $ 6,265.00 – 12,530.00*
6th – 8th $ 6,550.00 – 13,095.00*
9th – 12th $ 7,040.00 – 14,080.00*

University Model

Grade Variable Tuition Range (cost to family)
Kindergarten  $ 5,110.00 – 7,970.00*
1st – 5th  $ 6,265.00 – 8,805.00*
6th –  8th  $ 6,550.00 – 10,095.00*
9th – 12th  $ 7,040.00 – 10,660.00*

*Tuition amount for parents who do not qualify or choose not to apply for variable tuition.

2022 - 2023 Tuition Rates - LCA Choice

LCA Choice – Traditional Model

7th-12th Tuition Fee Activity Fee Total
Class 1 $1,820.00 685.00 $2,505.00
Class 2 $1,820.00 $4,325.00
Class 3 $1,820.00 $6,145.00
Class 4 $1,820.00 $7,965.00

LCA Choice –  University Model  (UM ®)

7th-12th Tuition Fee Activity Fee Total
Class 1 $1,280.00 685.00 $1,965.00
Class 2 $1,280.00 $3,245.00
Class 3 $1,280.00 $4,525.00
Class 4 $1,280.00 $5,805.00

Payment Options: A payment plan must be set-up through FACTS.

  • Lump Sum payments receive a 5% discount. Payments are drafted in full through FACTS Management Company in June 2022.
  • Payment Plans are drafted through FACTS Management Company beginning in June 2022 for 10, 11, or 12 months.

Our Billing and Tuition Coordinator, Emily McCoy, may be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 678-828-8350.

Variable Tuition Application

There are ways LCA can help most any family.  Simply apply online through our third party FACTS Grant and Aidwebsite. FACTS charges a small fee to apply. Financial assistance is offered on the basis of demonstrated financial need. An application for admission or updated registration information needs to be on file at the time of your request.

Families Using the FACTS Payment Plan & Automatic Draft

Please be aware that due to federal banking guidelines automatic bank transfers start processing 2 business days ahead of time. Due to this requirement any change to the schedule, financial account, or payment amount would need to be made at least 2 business days ahead of time in order to affect the payment prior to it hitting your bank account.