International Student Program

International Student Program

Lanier Christian Academy values the diversity that international students bring to the school setting, recognizing that the knowledge and understanding students gain from interacting with those from different backgrounds and cultures enriches the educational experience for everyone.

International Hosting Philosophy
  • Lanier Christian’s Host Homes is a unique feature of our boarding program.  We believe that international students living with American families creates a much better educational environment and provides more social and emotional support than a boarding dorm.
  • Host families are carefully chosen by Lanier Christian Academy after a background check and reference check and personal interviews.
  • Orientation and ongoing support is provided for both host families and international students.
Applying to Lanier Christian Academy

International applications will only be accepted for the Traditional Model academic program of studies. International students need daily language immersion to advance the English language skills necessary to progress through a college prep diploma program.  Applications will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and the administrator corresponding to the grade level of the international student.  The same administrators will conduct a Skype interview with the student before accepting the student for enrollment and issuing an I-20.

  1. Names of prospective students are received from a friend, relative, or trusted agency source
  2. Tour and interview friend/relative host family
  3. Tour and interview agency representative unless already established
  4. Work with agency to secure possible host family within the existing school families
  5. Email application directly to international student
  6. Receive student documents
  7. Application/questionnaire
  8. Transcript of grades
  9. Reference Forms
  10. Copy of passport
  11. SLEP or TOEFL test results
  12. Birth Certificate
  13. Skype interview with student
  14. Review by Admissions Team
  15. Issue I-20 from SEVIS

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LCA issue I-20s?

Yes. LCA issues all required forms after your enrollment has been processed.

How many international students are at LCA?

Currently, approximately 5% of our student body is comprised of international students.

Does LCA have an ESL program?

Yes, for an additional fee.

Do I need to find my own host home?

No. Your agency and LCA will find a host home for you.

Can I live with my aunt/uncle or close family friend who lives near LCA?

Yes. However, all families, including international student hosts, are subject to a family interview process.

How many international students are in one host home?

We place one international student in each home.

Will I have a private room in my host home?

Yes. Host homes provide private bedrooms for all international students.

How are host families chosen?

Our host families are carefully screened and background checked. Most of our host parents either work at LCA or have their own children at LCA.

Can I participate in sports at LCA?

Yes. International students are encouraged to take part in all aspects of student life at Lanier Christian Academy including all sports and other extracurricular activities.

Tuitions and Fees

LCA-Traditional Model


Lump Sum Amount
6th – 8th $13,620.00
9th – 11th $14,785.00
12th $15,100.00


Rates Include: Tuition, textbooks, yearbook, Fall retreat, class field trips, electives/art fee, technology fee, science lab fee, and free admission to all home sports events and fine art productions.

Spring Trips are not included in the pricing.

Application Fees: $450.00 per student

Document Processing Fee: $800.00 per student

ESOL / Tutoring: $500.00 (will be charged if enrolled in ESOL classes)

Payment Options for Tuition:

  • Lump Sum payments are due July 31st by check or wire transfer.

Incidental Billing (Lunch, Sports, etc.): All international students will receive monthly invoices for incidental charges. Invoices must be payed within 10 days by cash or credit card (additional fees will apply)

Dual Enrollment:

Full time senior students- Max of 2 classes off campus

Full time junior students- Max of 1 class off campus

Withdrawal Fee:

April 1 – April 30 $750.00
May 1 – August 31 $1,500.00
Sept. 1 – Dec. 31 $3,000.00
Jan. 1 or later Remaining tuition balance will be charged.