Drama at Lanier Christian Academy is not simply an extra-curricular activity solely designed for those with special talents to “show off”.

Drama increases each student’s awareness and understanding of self and others, leading to greater confidence in all areas of life; enabling shy students to make friends and become better communicators, speakers, team participants and leaders  . . . and overactive students to become better listeners.

We strive to educate and nurture the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit of each and every student through creative awareness, expression, and communication.

Drama expands cultural awareness and allows history, scripture and literature to come alive through active participation.  Drama educates the emotions and awakens the spirit; allowing students to interpret and understand what they are feeling and why – helping them grow in areas of empathy, vulnerability, understanding and compassion.

Drama increases a student’s ability to think; critically, creatively, imaginatively and divergently . . . becoming passionate participants in life, work, play and relationships rather than passive observers.  Drama teaches students how to work with others through team work, training and group centered participation.

Drama utilizes fun, interactive, interpersonal activities which allow students to explore and grow in who and what God created them to be, as they discover and practice their God given spiritual and creative gifts.

All classes and plays will include intensive focus on the art and history of drama, theatre craft, and performance technique.  There are no small or “background” parts or people in our program – all students will be vital participants in every class and each production.  This course will directly impact student’s lives as they grow in awareness, self-control, focus, interpersonal relationships, team work, communication, sensitivity, vulnerability, honesty and faith.