Learning Connections Center

Learning Connections Center

Students with learning differences are just like their typical peers – a diverse group with diverse needs. God made us all original, and we celebrate that no two students are alike.  Students with mild documented learning differences via educational psychological testing, IEP, or 504 plan, may receive accommodations via services provided in the LCA Learning Connections Center. Qualifying students typically have mild to moderate challenges in reading, written expression, and math as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD.) Students must show capability to master a college preparatory curriculum. LCA may not provide all recommended accommodations in psycho-educational or medical evaluations.

Working with these students according to their learning styles and/or specific learning strategies often allows these students the support needed to be successful in their classes. The program strives to help students learn self-awareness and tools to help in school and beyond. Services are based upon documented needs, not the grades the student is making in any given class.

For more information regarding the accommodations the LCA Learning Connections Center provides, please contact the office at 678-828-8353. and ask to speak to a principal.


Students traveling to and from Learning Connections:

Upper school students must check in with their teacher before coming to Learning Connections for tutoring, testing, or extended time.

  1. Extended Time for Testing
  2. Test Given Orally
  3. Test Taken in a Quiet, Distraction-Free Environment
  4. Allowing a Word Bank of Tests
  5. Allowing Testing on a Different Day when multiple tests are scheduled
  6. Preferential Seating
  7. Allowing Student a Copy of Peer notes or Teacher notes
  8. Allowing the use of a Calculator for Math
  9. Not Counting off for Spelling, Grammar, or Handwriting unless assessing that area
  10. Allowing for division of long-term assignments into smaller parts

The Learning Connections Staff works to instill confidence and support to students as well as a strong partnership with classroom teachers and parents. The Learning Connections Director reviews all psychological tests and 504 plans, making sure they are up to date and determining the accommodations LCA will implement.