Lightning Walk of Faith

Lightning Walk of Faith

Tomorrow (September 6th) marks the kick-off for the Lanier Christian Academy Lightning Walk of Faith annual fund-giving drive, which will culminate on the field Friday, October 13th.

We have some exciting news to share with you! Last week, something truly incredible happened–a group of generous donors pledged to donate $1,000,000 toward our campus project! We are so grateful for their support and are now challenging our LCA family and friends to match their gift. All funds raised during this year’s Lightning Walk of Faith giving drive will go towards the campus project, making a significant impact on our students’ lives. By matching their gift by the end of December, we can double the investment we make in the next generation. Praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity! 

Here is what you can expect on October 13th: A regular morning drop-off is followed by a few hours of class for all students. Then, groups of students begin walking and praying at stations all over our campus. This prayer walk culminates on the field by our Upper School Building, where we will have prepared a fantastic fall festival. We begin praying for this day long before the day of the event, and it is so exciting to see our students with heads bent in prayer as we walk and pray over our campus. You are invited to join us and participate in the Lightning Walk of Faith with your student(s). The schedule for prayer groups will be released later in September. 

In the days leading up to October 13th, students can earn tickets to the festival by submitting brochures or raising funds. By participating at the various levels, students will receive tickets to enjoy the festival on the field and a sense of accomplishment as they see their work benefitting their school. As a reward for their participation in the event, we have some fantastic activities planned for your students. Please see the attached document that explains the student incentive levels. The incentives will be awarded to students based on the families’ level of participation.

This week, 20 brochures will be sent home with your youngest student. This is YOUR opportunity to make a gift or pledge to the campus project. You can fill out the brochure or give it online here: A place to call home capital campaign | Lanier Christian Academy. We ask each family to fill out at least 20 brochures, regardless of the number of students you have at LCA. Also, we invite you to send brochures to close family, friends, and local area businesses that you patronize. This is an invitation to encourage others to participate in our vision for our graduates. We see LCA graduates impacting this community, state, nation, and world for Christ by becoming disciple-makers! 

In the packet that we will send home this week, you will receive the following: 

1 – 20 brochures 

2 – Example of how to fill out and address the brochure 

3 – Instructions on how to return those brochures to the school (We need you to turn them in to us so we can track the incentives for your students. We do not store any address data from these. We track the incentives and put them in the mail.) 

 4 – Information on the great incentives we have for your student(s) to participate. 

I invite you to begin praying with me for all that will happen on this important day. Address your brochures to share with area businesses, family, and friends. Join us on October 13th as our students take their Lightning Walk of Faith and watch our students on the field enjoy an incredible day of prayer and community. This is why we do what we do- because the children God has entrusted to our care deserve our very best. 

We are excited to see what the Lord does, and we are excited to see you on October 13th!