School Uniform Policy

We have taken the time to review our dress code and uniform options. With input from students, parents and staff, we are pleased to announce an updated dress code with some styles being removed and others added for the 2023-24 school year. School uniforms are important from a safety standpoint in that they help us identify people that should be on campus.  Another goal of the dress code is to avoid distractions at school that can come with clothing and fashion.  The dress code policy is among the policies that parents agree to upon their students’ enrollment at LCA and a policy that teachers agree to enforce as part of their contract.

Skirts and shorts for the 2023-2024 school year should be no more than FOUR inches above the knee.  This allows for continued modesty as students sit in desks, go up steps, and wear backpacks – all of which tend to hike up the length.  Our color options for full length pants and shorts have also changed as we are eliminating black as a color option.  Black will remain an option for skirts/skorts and dresses ONLY. No black pants or shorts. *NEW ITEM FOR GIRLS – There is a new dress available in charcoal heather or khaki.


Purchase Options

In addition, we have changed the options in our online store to items that will hopefully help all of our students be in compliance with our dress code.  We have also added a second online store through Lands’ End that will offer some additional options for uniform purchase.  The links to both stores are below.