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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Monday, September 23, 2019

LCA is always looking for ways to point our students to Christ.  Inspiring examples such as Brent Danielson is exactly what type of example points our students to obedience and leadership in service for Christ and others.  We are thankful for the Danielson family and the example they are to our LCA family!

Melissa Danielson writes:  

"Brent Danielson donated a kidney to his friend, Joe, on Tuesday, September 17. Brent met Joe six years ago when they were coaching youth wrestling. They became very close friends.  Joe had cancer as a child and as result his internal organs were affected. Over the last two years, Joe’s health was starting to decline. Brent was asking God how he could help and he really felt led to donate his kidney, to help his friend. In November of 2018, Brent began testing to see if he was a match for Joe. In March, he found out he was not a match but decided to proceed with the “Peer to Peer” program where he would donate his kidney to someone who was a match and in return, Joe would receive a kidney from another matching donor. On Tuesday, Sept. 17, both donors and both recipients underwent surgery and everyone is recovering well. Our family has been blessed with the support of family and friends and are grateful for God’s  protection and healing during this time."


Here is a link for more information about the kidney donation process: