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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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The Lightning Round

Friday, January 24, 2020



LCA Represented at fcc cheer nationals



FCC, or the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders, is the largest Christian ministry in the world solely focused on sharing Christ to cheerleaders. Several LCA students are part of club cheerleading teams which compete with FCC. Over the 2019 Christmas break, 2nd graders Faithann Adams and Rebecca Grant won the FCC National Championship in their division with the Mighty Zion warriors. 3rd grader Lexi Hall also won the championship in her division with the Hebron Steel Hornets. LCA is proud to have these students represented the school through cheerleading excellence.


-Lily Martin, 10th grade







LCA Introduces Chess Club


LCA now has a chess club! All students are welcome to join at any time. Just show up to any of the practices because it is based on a point system. The more practices you attend, and the more games you win, the more points receive. The points are then used to match you up with opponents who are your skill level. It is also possible that there will be a prize to the person with the most points, and of course bragging rights. LCA Campus Pastor, Mr. Stice, was inspired by a couple of his 9th grade students to have this chess club. The chess board and pieces will be provided in his room. Mr. Stice emphasizes that you do not have to be an expert at chess to join, They can teach you in a matter of minutes. Mr. Stice would be delighted to have you!


Ashlyn Browning & Ari Winfrey, 10th grade  




Winter Sports Spirit Week and Pep Rally



This year's spirit week was a blast! Tuesday was Superhero Day, a day the elementary especially enjoyed. Wednesday was made much better than Wednesdays usually are with Pajama Day. Everyone was decked out in sweatpants and slippers, and we even saw a few onesies! Thursday, Decades Day, saw many creative and colorful outfits. For Friday, each grade was assigned a color to compete in Color Wars. At the pep rally, a grade from both elementary and high school was chosen based on class participation in the Color Wars. 1st grade, dressed in orange, and 10th grade, dressed in black, won the day. It's been a another great spirit week for LCA! 


- Sara Sumption, 10th grade



At LCA's winter pep rally, the middle school. JV, and Varsity basketball teams and swim teams were presented to the school, as well as the cast of the Drama Department's Fall Production, Little Women. After the sports presentation, there was a students vs. faculty free throw competition. Shooting for the students were junior, Reese Montgomery, and seniors, Madison Hughes, Thomas Avery, and Landon Ogle. Despite worthy efforts, the faculty team came up short 52-25. The pep rally was a great way to get students excited for the basketball game!


- Lydia Johnson, 9th grade











Journalism Class Announces Podcast



LCA is taking the next step in news and is going to introduce a new, fun podcast! It is meant to encourage and reflect the treacherous and endearing life of a middle and high school student. The journalism class has been working hard and is ready to share their project with the rest of the LCA community. Lanier Christian Academy, be on the lookout for our podcast: TimeOut. 


- Haley Vandegrift, 11th grade










LCA Lightning Athletics


Our Lanier Lightning Team Spirit is contagious! 

If you haven't joined us at any of our athletic matches, we invite you to come and cheer on our students. 

It's a great opportunity to become part of the LCA Lightning community!    



         Our Winter Sports are in full swing!  We have Basketball, Swimming, and Cheerleading.







                                     January 24:  Winter Sports Senior Night Recognition

                                                             January 25:  Swim Meet - North GA Middle School Championship

                                     February 1:  GAPPS State Championship Swim Meet

                      February 13:  State of the Academy Address

                 February 17:  No School - President's Day

February 18:  ACSI Day of Prayer

February 21: ACSI Choral Festival

                                                 February 24: Football Player and Parent Information Meeting