Discipleship Groups

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus tells his followers to go out and make disciples of all nations. He goes on to add that we should TEACH them to obey His words. We want to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission in the students that we serve at LCA. Of course, we offer an excellent college prep educational curriculum. But just preparing a student to handle college is not what the Lord requires. We not only want our students to thrive in college, but be prepared to make an impact in their homes and communities for Christ.

Making disciples is an intentional process. Jesus took 3 years spending every day with his disciples, preparing them to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. At LCA we are integrating God’s Word into every single subject we teach. Additionally, we have Godly men and women that take time each week with a small group (5-8) of students to intentionally disciple them. We encourage them to build the habit of reading God’s Word daily, ask how we can pray for them, and encourage them to build a Godly community with the members of their group.

Each student that comes to LCA is a gift from the Lord. What a great pleasure it is to watch them mature and grow over the years into a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to come see what makes LCA distinctly different in the area of discipleship.