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Monday, July 13, 2020

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Serving Others

As part of our Mission outreach mentioned above, we require all of ourstudents, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, to perform some kind of Community Service during each semester of school. This, of course, would most often mean our students are serving locally. We believe a vital part of growing in Christ includes pouring out by giving away time, talent, and energy on behalf of someone else.


Our elementary students, grades K-5th, are required to record four hours of service per semester. They may serve their own parents/immediate family, but parents are encouraged as a family to find a need outside their own home. This is a great opportunity to serve others as a family, create wonderful memories together, and teach their children about servanthood at the same time.



LCA students grades 6th-12th are required to perform six hours of service each semester. Their service hours must be completed outside of their immediate family (service to grandparents would qualify). They must give their time, talent, and energy away and could do so together with their friends, their own family, or by themselves. It is even better when parents require their student to initiate the project so the student is not “just along for the ride.” This expands their opportunity to see people with God’s eyes and to act as Jesus to others.



In addition to gaining the experience of serving others, the service hours are recorded on their high school transcript. Colleges are often looking for well-rounded students who are involved in their communities and have already had an impact on the world. This is very helpful as colleges make their selections of students.